Through the Looking Glass!!!

I have been trying to get back in the swing of things with school now that the snow has melted. Between the moments of excitement and blowing steadily in a brown paper bag, I try to gather my thoughts and lay out the things I need to accomplish.
I have recently looked at Portfolio cases for my future works of art. I found a really awesome case on It is called Looking Glass.
There is an awesome one that has a acrylic clear front and another with a great felt front. I really like both, but can’t decide yet.
Either way at least I have narrowed down my decision…I think. If you have thoughts on why or why not I should get one or another, please feel free to weigh in. After all this is my first time doing this…I can always use more advice…

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Snow Day…I mean Week Project!

With the crazy weather in Georgia I have been stuck at home. I have decided to work on a calender for my grandma in Cali. Since, I have been in school I have not been able to send her updated pics of my son. I know I am terrible! However I am going to try and make it better with the calender.
While putting together the pics I came across this one. It is from last year, around Easter on a camping trip. Memphis loves to fish and it just so happened that he would get water in his boots and on his pants almost every time he did it. Hence, the pants hanging from the tent.
Yes I know it is not the smiley picture that you may think should go in a calender, but I just really love it none the less. So now I am sharing it with you and you can see what you think.

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Whatcha been doin?

I have recently finished my 5th quarter at Gwinnett Tech. I am doing great and at the same time fearful that the end is near. In the mean time I am trying to sharpen my skills and get a lot of practice with various shoots and models.
Recently, I meet Nick and Nate. They are brothers who are great, awesome, and new upcoming models. I have been able to practice my skills on them and they have been practicing their skills with me. I can’t wait to shoot with them again because they are just so much fun to shoot and be around. Here are a few pics from a couple of our shoots.

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I’ve got time for that…(learned part 3)

(image from internet)

OK. If you have meet me you would realize that I don’t like to spend to much time in front of the computer. Yeah that seems a bit strange since I have been posting a lot as of late. Well I have, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy it. I would rather be shooting or spending time with my family. Can you blame me?
So you can only imagine how excited I was when Mr. Jones told us about Pixelpipe. This awesome sight allows you to link all of your sights like Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, YouTube, etc, etc all with one click of your mouse. It makes all my posts go directly to all of my blogs at one time sent from one place. Basically a one stop shop like a SuperTarget. Yeah!
I am sure glad I learned of this awesome tool in my Multimedia class. It hopefully will save me lots of time in the future.

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One thing I figured out…

You know before I started my Multimedia class this quarter I was very intimidated by blogging and actually a lot of technology in general. Then Mr. Jones threw, I mean introduced us gently into the word of blogging. He opened my eyes to how many websites are out there that make it super easy to tell the world all about you. Oh and its mostly FREE! I have been introduced to Blogger, WordPress, Pixelpipe, Tumbler, Twitter, Flicker and even new stuff on Facebook. I never knew that people out there knew about people like me and created such dumbed down sites that virtually anyone can use. Awesome!
I have learned to not be afraid of blogging anymore. It is my friend and only wants to help me succeed. Maybe next I will take on power tools.

(P.S. pic from the internet)

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Let’s take a moment to reflect…

As the quarter is coming to an end, lets take a moment to reflect. I have now been at Gwinnett Tech for a 1 year and a quarter in the Commercial Photography program. During that time I have taken many classes with a one, Mr. David Allen Jones. He has thought me many things that I will take with me for many moons after our classes together come to an end.
One important thing that I have learned while under his wing is that people will not find out about you, what you do, or what you create unless you tell them via blogs, tweets, Facebook, and any other way that you can shout it from the rooftops…or at least the internet.
People need to see that you are working and producing a product, otherwise it can all be just hear say. And I know we all have people in our lives that are just the talkers and not the doers. I have learned that you must be a doer and constantly tell people that you are one as well. It is the fastest and most efficient way to grow your business and success. Well at least it helps a lot. So get out there and talk about yourself! It may just make you famous…

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Phoenix – Fashion Shoot

Yesterday I went to shoot my Fashion shot for my portrait class at Gwinnett Tech. Phoenix of Atlanta was my lovely model. We had the idea of beauty in a decaying place. Phoenix rocked it and was beautiful. My friend/classmate Jeremy was an awesome assistant and a big help.
I think the image turned out great. Can’t wait to shoot with Phoenix again.

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